Lunker! Contest Rules And Info

Beltzville lake striper Lunker! Contest

Will this be you?  This is where our Lunker! Contest first place leader and their monster striper will be displayed!

Lunker! Contest Rules and Info


Lunker! Contest is only available to Troll On Guide Service Clients, Beltzville Lake Striped Bass fishing Trips ONLY! 

Picture of client with Striped bass, will be taken in front of Beltzville Lake sign at the end of trip, and posted to Fb or website same day.Length and weight will also be posted. 

 Clients are automatically entered when any 6 hour or longer Fishing charter is booked.

 There is no limit to the amount of trips/entries for the year.   

All persons on each Beltzville Lake striped bass trip, including children, are eligible. 

There are some specific rules, that will be agreed upon before leaving the dock to be eligible.  

   Striped bass will be the only Species that will be kept. Striped bass under 26” will not be kept unless mortally wounded.  The limit  will be 2 Striped bass per trip, and all others will be released, unless mortally wounded.  Once our 2 fish limit is reached, we will continue catch and release fishing. If a fish that qualifies for the Lunker! Contest is caught, and we Already have our 2 fish limit, the fish will be measured, and only brought aboard if it is longer than the current 1st place striped bass. 

Choosing to keep your Pennsylvania limit of 2  Striped Bass  per person, will void entry of all parties in boat.  

Contest will Start on April 23 and end December 6, 2020. 

 December Beltzville Lake  Trips must be Scheduled 2 weeks in advance to qualify for Lunker! Contest.  

Winner  will be chosen by length of striped bass, weight will break any tie.  We will use the same tape measure and scale to weigh Each Striped bass, on our Boat, within 10 minutes of landing the fish. 

We will ad 1 or more items Every month to the first place prize, totaling 12 items minimum.  

1st place- All 12+ items 

2nd place- 1 4hour afternoon striped bass trip on Beltzville Lake for 2 adults. Valid 2021 season. 

3rd place- 50% off Beltzville Lake 6 hour morning trip 2021 season